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Service Teams:

Here at Cornerstone, we have many ways you can be a part of the team that makes Sundays
great! We have provided brief descriptions of the different volunteer opportunities, including the
time involved and the specific responsibilities. Pastor Chad and the church leadership is committed
to inviting a wider range of people to be involved in these ministries. This is an early step in that
process. More information on how to be involved is provided after the descriptions!

Usher(s) | Help prior to and during worship service – arrive no later than 10:00am
Hand out bulletins as people enter sanctuary
Point out
– Connect cards to guests
– Prayer books for everyone
– Children’s bags for families
– Any other pertinent information
Light alter candles
Bring prayer book to the lectern during first hymn
Pass the “pew pads” (sign in sheets) beginning in the front of the sanctuary
Pass the offering plates during the service offering
– Bring the plates to the front for blessing
– Bring the plates to the church office
First Sunday of the month includes Communion
– Guide worshipers forward to receive communion
(one side of the sanctuary at a time, row by row)

Communion Steward | Help the first Sunday of every month, during service
Assist pastor Chad in distributing the bread or juice during communion
– He will tell you what to say, do, and where to stand

Greeter(s) | Help prior to service – arrive no later than 10:00am
Set the tone for worship by
– Welcoming everyone who walks in
– Smile, shake hands, hug… whatever way is genuinely joyful for you and comfortable
for the other person!
– Point out key places and opportunities
(“grab some coffee and treats”, “bathrooms are that way”, “Can I take your coat?”, etc.)
This is a very important position, especially for making guests feel welcome!

Hospitality | Help prior to service – arrive at 9:30am to set up
Provide and serve some kind of treat (purchased or homemade)
Brew and serve coffee (provided by the church)
Clean up the kitchen and tables used
Wash the cups and plates used (typically minimal work)

Prayer Minister | Help during service
Ask the congregation from the pulpit for joys and concerns
Pray for what’s shared from the congregation, and listed in the prayer book
(written prayers are absolutely fine! Pastor Chad will even find one or write one for you if you
would like)
Transition into the Lord’s Prayer with the congregation

Liturgist | Help during service
Lead the congregation by reading the leaders portion of the responsive reading
(this is printed off in its entirety and placed on the lectern)
The responsive reading is always selected mid-week before the service and can be provided to
you ahead of time if requested

Audio and Visual Booth | Help during service – set up by 10:15am
(two separate positions)
– Run the sound board controlling microphones and Proclaim (power point) sound
– Operate the sanctuary computer, transitioning the slides in collaboration with the service
(though fairly minimal, both of these positions require some training)

We hope you consider being a part of the team here at Cornerstone! None of these positions are
very hard once they are explained and demonstrated. Pastor Chad, or any of the “regular”
volunteers are here to show you the ropes so you can partner with us in making Sundays amazing!

Share your interest by
– Writing it on a connect card and placing it in the offering tray
– Personally telling Pastor Chad or one of the many volunteers
– Emailing pastor Chad (pastorsetter@gmail.com) or Natalie (lcumc@hickorytech.net)
– Text or Facebook message Pastor Chad
– Sign up on the sheet provided in the Narthex
(pick the date that works best for you!)